The Trip charge, Evaluation, Quote for the Repair and any running around, ordering parts and return visit if necessary is-

$65.00 -  

​I will give a quote after assessment 

the cost to fix is usually between $20-$65

I like to be upfront about the actual costs -instead of saying it only costs a small labor fee and then jacking the parts up on the back end, or having many little fees that add up in the end to a lot more than the customer signed up for.  

I think this gives you the  peace of mind knowing what the cost will be and  can allow the time necessary for a truly great repair!

I use only factory authorized parts and charge +20% cost.   I have spent many hours deciding what it will take to continue to run the business that is both modest and profitable.  I will do everything that I can to provide great Washer and Dryer service for this patch of the world

Thank you for choosing us and I promise I will do everything I can to help you with your laundry room needs 

Lets get those clothes clean and dry again -ASAP!!

(479) 445-2210