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We Specialize in Laundry Equipment repair.  We do all alliance machines.  We also work on Milnor and Wascomat machines.  All do a good job of getting the Laundry done and we are committed to keeping them working for as long as it is cost effective to do so. 

Speed Queen is a line of Alliance Laundry that has been around a long time.  Alliance is #1 in Laundry equipment for a reason...they build great machines. Milnor and Wascomat are a couple other equipment manufacturers that make great machines.  

We work on IPSO, Huebsch, Speed Queen, Unimac, Wascomat and Milnor among others.  Commercial Laundry equipment at hotels, laundromats, fire stations, schools, hospitals all need quality parts and expert repairs.  

Let us handle your laundry equipment repairs and we guarantee a safe and well reasoned repair.  

Speed Queen Repair